Are you using gendered language in the studio?
        Language has been evolving since the dawn of time, with words going in and out of fashion (or even into extinction) to match the climate. We’re witnessing one of those shifts right now, only it’s conscious... Read more

Written for CreativeBloq

Mentoring’s for life (not just for uni)
       It’s important to be humble as a designer. Pretty soon after leaving the security of university, you realise that the learning doesn’t end there. It’s probably what keeps the job so interesting... Read more

Written for Creative Review

Moving North to South
        At the end of 2019, I packed my career and worldly possessions into two checked bags and a saxophone case and moved from Bath, England to Sydney, Australia. I decided that if I was going to take on a new challenge, I should make it count... Read more

Written for DesignStudio


Creative Boom
        Podcast—Katie Cadwell on her new role at DesignStudio and why starting a new life is so liberating. Listen to the episode

Interviewed by Katy Cowan

Creative Lives—In Progress
        Interview—Give each project 100 percent: Senior designer Katie Cadwallader describes her journey at Supple Studio. Read the article

Interviewed by Indi Davies

Computer Arts       
        Feature—Fighting for Gender Equality. Learn about the range of measures creatives are taking to help bring balance to the design industry — and what work still needs to be done. Read the article

Interviewed by Rosie Hilder

Creative Boom
        Feature—Katie Cadwell on finding her true calling through Myspace and why it’s a great time to be a woman in design. Read the article

Interviewed by Katy Cowan


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Katie Cadwell is a multidisciplinary graphic designer. Working with brands worldwide—combining writing, strategic thinking, art direction and motion.

Passionate about equity in the industry, mentoring & education. Contributor to publications like Creative Review, Design Week, Creative Boom. Speaking on podcasts, panels & events.


D&AD Pencil (x2)
D&AD Impact White Pencil
Design Week Rising Star
RSA Design Award
Brand Impact Awards
Transform Awards

I live and work on Bidjigal and Gadigal Country and acknowledge that this always was and always will be Aboriginal land.