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Let me tell you what I earn — how can we overturn salary secrecy?

       "How much do you earn?" Theoretically a simple question. But in practice? It's not so straightforward. As a junior, you're pretty candid amongst your peers. "Does this sound right to you?" Comparison is often... Read more

Written for If You Could Jobs

Are you using gendered language in the studio?

        Language has been evolving since the dawn of time, with words going in and out of fashion (or even into extinction) to match the climate. We’re witnessing one of those shifts right now, only it’s conscious... Read more

Written for CreativeBloq

Mentoring’s for life (not just for uni)

       It’s important to be humble as a designer. Pretty soon after leaving the security of university, you realise that the learning doesn’t end there. It’s probably what keeps the job so interesting... Read more

Written for Creative Review

Moving North to South

        At the end of 2019, I packed my career and worldly possessions into two checked bags and a saxophone case and moved from Bath, England to Sydney, Australia. I decided that if I was going to take on a new challenge, I should make it count... Read more

Written for DesignStudio

Should Plaid Cymru be rebranded to sound more English?

      The crux of renaming focuses on switching from Welsh to English. The report is correct in saying that speaking the language is rare, but I disagree with its insinuation that using Welsh is alienating. I’ve never met an unpatriotic Welsh person — they are unreservedly proud of their heritage and of a language that they (and many others) often don’t speak... Read more

Written for Design Week

Blue Monday

        “In light of Blue Monday and January — what is the most depressing design project you’ve ever worked on, and why?”

Depressing is a strong word, and while I might associate it with this month and the last stretch towards lighter evenings and heavier pockets, it’s not one I would ever relate to my work (thankfully) When I’m feeling low, and in the mood for some self-sabotage, I delve into the part of the server where no-one strays by accident... Read more

Written for Design Week

Should people get paid to speak at design festivals?

      This week, non-profit D&AD was hit by controversy when it emerged that it had paid some of its speakers a fee and expenses for its upcoming festival in London, but not others. We investigate whether creatives should be remunerated for presenting and discuss whether the story changes depending on if it’s for a charity or a commercial business... Read more

Written for Design Week

What will 2019 bring for packaging?

        Hopefully, conscience. Brands are under scrutiny more than ever to make their processes and products as sustainable as possible. I imagine we’ll see lots of packaging redesigns as these formats and materials are assessed. Brands should shout about these changes too — I had always assumed you couldn’t recycle Wagamama’s takeaway packaging because it’s black plastic, but you can. I hate to think how many other people have the same misconception... Read more

Written for Design Week

Hope to nope — the biggest design moments of 2018

        It’s surely got to be the studio super-merger resulting in Superunion at the start of the year, sparking ‘David and Goliath’ debates across the design land (and most memorably, on Twitter). Satellite studios are absolutely killing it, no longer needing to orbit around the capital but standing with gravitas on their own two feet... Read more

Written for Design Week